[File Viewer Plugin] Client Action "OpenDocument" breaks application flow on iOS

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Published on 2019-12-10 by Experts
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Published on 2019-12-10 by Experts

Hi everyone, i'm using Fileviewer Plugin to open binaries on external apps (Video,Images,Sound), in terms of the core functionality it works fine on both Platforms i can load and open my binaries a without any trouble.

The situation here is that i'm using a boolean variable to show a spinner while the content is loading and on iOS that spinner stays visible after i'm done watching the content , while on android it disappears as supposed. After debugging and analysing my code i found out that the flow is interrupted right after the "OpenDocument" client action on iOS, 

while on Android continues toward the end allowing me to change the boolean variable value.

Does anyone know the cause of this problem? 

I've looked into the openDocument code but i can't find any problem that would lead to this situation.

Best Regards,

Fábio Santos

Hello, I had the same issue. 

What I did, I create a specific client action with the OpenDocument that receive the inputs.

And in this main action I replace the OpenDocument for this client action and after i add the assign for change the boolean. Like that works. 


Camila Teixeira