Hello, I am trying to use autocomplete on a field for interior and exterior colors for vehicles. I receive a REST response from the VIN decoder that I can assign to a list variable but when I use that list to fill the autocomplete list it does not work. Is it even possible to use autocomplete with a structure? 



You have it mapped to Colors.Current...   By saying Current - that is a single item.  You need to bind it to the entire list and not the current item.


Just tried that and still nothing, its gotta be something I'm missing because I get the list to populate on the screen but not with the auto complete, I also tested the auto complete with an aggregate and that seemed to work fine but I need to use the list created by the decoder.

Is the REST API public? If so, can you provide a sample app? If not, I can see if I can create a working sample for you tomorrow.

No unfortunately it is not, if you can come up with a sample that would be awesome! I'll keep working at it tomorrow too see if I can get anywhere on it 



Soooo it looks like I was just missing an Ajax refresh to refresh the autocomplete list **facepalm** its working now though!