Video: How To Use the Advanced Column Widget in an OutSystems Data Grid

In this next video in a series on the OutSystems Data Grid widget, learn how to use the Advanced Column widget to display images, buttons, or other markup in a grid column, bound to data from the grid.

As always, your feedback is welcome, as are ideas for how-to videos we should cover in the future.

Very clear video on a very awesome component, it's a shame it's so javascript heavy so some people might have some difficulty to understand it.... I didn't really understand the format of the input (or atleast, how I should be able to get to that format without understanding the inner workings of the component) ->

"productImageMarkup(GridOS.GridObject[GridOS.TemporaryVariables.arrPos].gridId, '" + ProductImageURL + "', '" + ImageIdField + "')"

Perhaps some helper functions to generate some of the javascript required for input on the column widget itself?

The actual javascript functions itself are pretty explanatory, though I wish there was a way to do it with Outsystems itself, like using a webblock orso. But perhaps that might compromise the speed of the application?

Sorry, that's enough about the component.

Very clear and understandable video's, I'd love to see more soon!


I need to perform some more advanced operations in Data grid component like column freeze,filtering,drag and drop of columns etc. How can I achieve these things.

Any pointers will be appreciated.