I want to know detail about OnBeforeRequestAdvanced & OnAfterResponseAdvanced

Hi Everyone,

At the time of calling the rest API there are events OnBeforeRequest and OnAfterResponse from where can modify the request before calling the API and can do the modification in response before catch the actual response but there are 2 more events OnBeforeRequestAdvanced & OnAfterResponseAdvanced from where we can do the low level modification. Can anyone explain exactly what kind of low level modification we can do which can not be done in OnBeforeRequest and OnAfterResponse if anyone can create simple demo it will be appreciated.



Hi Joey

Thanks for the details that you have given! Using a .NET extension I am calling an API and in the response of the API I am getting a list, just to give a little context here, when you use service module in outsystems and create services we can actually pass a list of as an output, as far as I understand the services created in outsystems are API calls internally. Here is my question, in order to avoid using a third party component to serialize the list and to avoid doing it in a loop manually, I am looking for a way to output the list from my .NET extension.