ssServiceCenter.ENAuditTypeEntity error

Hi All,

in our company we use several servers for OutSytems.
All installations are correct i think, but on one, when I try to open an espace, i get the following error:
"The type initializer for 'ssServiceCenter.ENAuditTypeEntity' threw an exception"....


Best regards,

Jeroen Vormer

Do you mean open a page on the server? 

Perhaps somewhere along the deploy some dependencies were missed?

Perhaps another deploy to this server where you refresh the dependencies will solve this issue?

This error has to do with the AuditType entity.

Hi Joey,

i try to open an espace in OutSystems it self....
To develop or debug etc......

Hi Jeroen,

Does this happen for all eSpaces, or just a particular one? And it happens on just this single environment?

Hi Kilian,

happens with all espaces. And only on this environment.......
I can open the application, but not the espace module itself.....

Contact OutSystems Support. Probably something wrong with the Platform installation.

Thanks, i'll do