iOS app crashes when redirecting from browser to specific screen using deep link


I am trying to authenticate a user using Azure OIDC. After successful authentication, the user should get redirected to a screen in the app. However, when it tries to launch the app again to redirect to the required screen, it seems to try to open and then crash.

The flow is something like this, user clicks on login button inside the mobile app,is sent to the authentication URL using the inAppBrowserPlugin and then he/she is redirected to an app screen.

This is my error in service center: 

"A fatal error has occurred. Please contact OutSystems support: Application has LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace key, but doesn't implement application:openURL:options: on delegate <AppDelegate: .....>"

Have you tried connecting your device to your computer and debugging that way? What version of the platform? What device and OS are you using?  It seems that your question is related to a specific plugin. What version of the component? The best way to get a response from the team that created the plug in is to post the question on that particular component so that they get notified and can answer. Posting the question in the general forum won’t notify the component team that someone has a question.



Hi ankit7.

I was able to work around the problem using InAppBrowserPlugin with the URL that points to the apple maps.