If I write code to modify the Tenant Name (via the Update Tenant in code), I can update the Tenant instance, however, when I logoff and login again, the tenant name is not being updated.  

If I search for the name by querying the Tenant table, I see the updated Tenant name in that table, my application does not see this name update via Site.TenantName ... see attachment image.

Question: How is Site.TenantName sourced, and when is it supposed to get updated?  Is there something I can do to "hurry" that update process along?

See attached picture for more information


On that page it says "Multi-Tenant Applications - Internally, Site Properties are stored in the cache of each Front-end Server. If the Site Property is set as Multi-tenant, it will be stored in the tenant's cache. Although this is an implementation detail, you must be aware of it due to the fact that whenever the cache is invalidated, all the site properties are also re-evaluated."

Is there any way to trigger the cache to be invalidated through a OS function, so it can be done programmatically?  Because I do see the name gets updated, eventually, so something is triggering it to be refreshed.  The referenced page wasn't clear on how this actually happens.

Hi Ian

AFAIK changing any non multi-tenant Site Property through code should trigger an immediate cache invalidate on all tenants. Have you tried that?

Hope this helps!


DIdn't function as expected.  To confirm:

  1. I create a site property, in my case "Dummy".
  2. I set the "Is Multi-tenant" to "No".
  3. In my code, I can set Site.Dummy to some random string.

After I do this, the Site.TenantName appears unaffected.

Hello Ian,

You can use this function to invalidate the cache of an Espace:


Hope this helps.


Neither the "Espace Invalidate Cache" or the "Tenant Invalidate Cache" functions appeared to work ... It's possible these functions do not work for the personal environment?