OutSystems on-premise installation: add SAP connector


I have installed OutSystems on-premise successfully. Now I need to add the SAP connector. The installation checklist mentions this during the SAP step: "If this step is done later, after you have installed the Platform, you must repeat the mandatory steps below."

With "mandatory steps below", are these ALL the following steps, or just the database and RabbitMQ configuration steps? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Hello Dennis!

I think if you have done all mandatory steps you will need to open Configuration Tools and apply & exit, for re-publish ServiceCenter in the server!


Hello Paulo,

I tried your suggestion. However, that was not enough to fix my problem. The key part was republishing the System_Components solution wherin the SAPDevService is located.

Nevertheless, thank you for your response!


Hello Dennis, if I am not mistaken when the service center is published you will need to publish systems_components, if you do not a warning will appear like "This eSpace has outdated references. You should publish it to avoid running outdated code".

Anyway, that is good you can fix it.

Best regards,
Paulo Ricardo