Editable Table style for Input fields


I'm able to change font size of an Editable Table when columns do not have the input field, but then they do, when I change the font size of it, it changes only I enter the input field. Once I leave to edit that line, font size return to the old size and as much as I try any CSS style, they are not applying for it. 

Is there a way to change the style of a input field in a Editable Table when you are not with the focus on that row, please?



Hello Vinicius, 

What does happen if you to do this?


If you want to change only that field is not in focus, you will work with the CSS class. Take a look:

Always when you set focus to input, a class will be added: (InEditMode)
You will need to create a css role in changing the size of the input denying when this class exists.

Thank you very much Paulo! Setting up the style in the Extended Properties resolved the problem! I kept trying to set this up using the Style Classes, it was not working at all! With this, the size of the text is the same when the input field is on focus or not!

Thank you for your quick response!!!!