Time to upgrade 10 to 11

Hi all !

My actual situation is Outsystems 10 on 2 Windows Server 2012 machines (Intradev and Intranet).

We are thinking about an upgrade from V10 to V11.

Do you suggest us to UPGRADE the actual servers or create 3 new Windows Server 2016 machines (IntradevNEW, LifetimeNEW and IntranetNEW) installing V11 from scratch ?

We use some "internal" Outsystems tables and some "external" tables ... both on Oracle DB.

What's your experience about that ?

Hi Luca,

Upgrading Windows versions of a server is, as far as I understand, discouraged by Microsoft if not downright impossible. So I'd say the only sane way is to install new servers, and install P11 from scratch. Also note you need a seperate LifeTime server if you haven't got one already, and start with the upgrade with that one (P11 LifeTime is downwards compatible with P10, but not the other way around).

Thank you Kilian ...

creating the new machines is not a problem ... we're scared about "moving" the Apps from the old DEV to the new one.

How can we procede ? Exporting all the web apps (with the OAP files) and import them in the V11 ?

Hi Luca,

Sorry for the late reply. I asked the person who's responsible for our migration, and he said he used Solutions created in Service Center to initially move all apps. I'd advise you to take a look at this page, which is a good starting point for migration.