I need someone for end to end mobile app and web development of my idea

I need someone for end to end mobile app and web development of my idea; it is a content delivery network similar to youtube

I think you should be putting up a "for hire" instead.

I doubt anybody will attempt to do this for free.

1. Terms

Youtube is not a CDN, it is a global video hosting platform that uses a CDN to improve user experience.

2. Your offer

As Joey mentioned, people here like to be paid for their work. You get free help for specific issues, not a full working site.

3. Technology

Have you done a previous analysis of the platform? That is very specific and the advantages of using OS to speed standard tasks of web/mobile development may be a bit misused on such a project.

Hey Kennedy,

I agree with Joey. But still there are companies all over the internet who can help you on this but as same it goes, doubt they would do it for free. I know a guy named Tony, he works in a company named AppsChopper. He works as the Senior App Strategist there. He detailed me about the work of mobile app development as I am a New Bee. I found him to be good and helping. He got enough experience in the field of App Development. There is another friend of mine named John Davis, he is a mobile app developer, fresher. He works at WebbyCentral. If it interest's you, I can send you their contact details and you can get the details from them or else you can directly click on the links and get in contact with the companies. Whatever you feel is right for you.!!

Thank You.