Forge: Unable to download application from the website


I have created a new version of the Leaflet Mobile application ( and have published a new version in preview.

I have created this application in my personal environment and now want to use it in our enterprise environment. For this I need to use the forge since I can't remove the IPP from a personal environment application. So, I uploaded the new version as preview (since I'm not completely done yet) and tried to download it from the website since the SS doesn't allow me to download previews.

When I attempt to download the new version, I first get the download conformation window where I can also follow the application. I then press download the window closes but I do not receive the application from the web server. I do not get any messages in Console nor do I see failed connections in the Network tab of the browser’s development tools.

I tried different browsers and I have asked others to download the applications. I have also tried a totally different machine on a different network to rule out firewalling. All tests failed so I can safely rule out any personal settings or environment variables.

It seems to be a problem with the Forge itself. Can anyone capable look into this please?

Hi Vincent,

I can confirm the problem. I'll try to see if I can find someone to take a look at this.

Thank you for the confirmation Kilian.

To get me further I needed to publish my version. Of course I found several bugs afterwards so that is working out nicely :(

I've got word from OutSystems that someone's going to look at it, so I hope it'll be resolved soon.

Great! I hope the same, i'm working hard on this component now and updates are happening frequently due to small issues I run into. By not needing to publish the app anymore most users will not get the new version notification anymore until a real new version is available


Hi Vicent, 

we had some issues with Forge today, but the download should be working by now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi Vera,

I can confirm that the issue is indeed solved. Thank you for your effort :)