Since deployment is not possible in my personal environment, would you like to set it up?

Normally it all works without the OS team having to set something up, be sure you use the correct username and password, specially the username is case sensitive! This results in the strange effect that you can login with service studio but publishing gives problems.


Currently, the situation in the attached figure, but to enable the deployment, I asked you to contact the support, so we will gradually troubleshoot.


Hi Shimokado,

This is the community forum, where fellow OutSystems developers and enthousiast answer questions. This is not an official support forum, and we cannot contact Support for you. You can do that yourself via the Support Portal.


@Nilesh: check the OPs screen shot, their Deployment Service is down, so they should contact Support. He's not talking about deploying from one environment to another via LifeTime, as you seem to think?

Nelesh, his deployment controller is down, as Kilian already mentioned he can contact support to have it rebooted (normallly solved in a short time) and then everything is fine again. Please read the question and all replies before answering. Nothing to clarify here, just an OutSystems support issue iso something we can do in the forum

Hi Kilian Hekhuis
It seems that it can be solved by doing it through the support portal.
Thank you for your teachings.