DropdownList not displaying properly in Carousel


Need help. I currently placed a dropdownlist inside the carousel widget to every items it have.

So basically it has 3 carousel items. and these are the problems i found.

1.) When you select the dropdown on the first item in the carousel, the popup list is not properly aligned.

2.) The next succeeding carousel item and so on, when you select the dropdown, the list is shown always in the first carousel item. the position is not correct. 

I'm assuming this is a bug. And if im correct, this can be fixed using CSS. I just dont know how to do it.

Can someone help me on this. I attached the oml file for this so everyone can see the problem.

I'm also going submit a ticket to the support since i think this should be checked.


I see a bunch of extra containers in the widget tree...are those just for spacing purposes?

This looks like buggy behavior to me, so hopefully the support ticket will help.

Hi Andrew,

Those extra containers are part of the widget when you first add the control. I did not add those containers manually.