I want to create a screen for a mobile App, where I can view a PDF file as an embedded screen.

Is that already done? What widget or module can I use? Or do I need to built this from scratch?

Hi WilTon,

You could take a look at the File Viewer Plugin.

Thanks for the reply Kilian but this does not work for me.
Either it is not possible to open a PDF file or I did not configure the plugin right.

I have a pdf file as a data source in the app and would like to open this file. The location in the app at runtime is /MyApp/Documents/MyDocument.pdf.
I configure the file viewer plugin as followed:
File path is:


Mime type:


 Could this work or is this impossible?

Hi Wilton,

I honestly don't know, as I haven't tried this myself. Perhaps you can ask in the File Viewer Plugin subforum.

Hi WilTon,

Can you set the Deploy Action and Target Directory properties for the same in the resource.
Deploy Action must be set to Deploy to Target Directory in order to make the resource publicly available.

Hope it helps,