Regarding booking assignment


i run SQL query but issue that i am able to fetch room details but after clicking on book room details are saved but room number is not showing, its showing zero. kindly guide what actually i am missing. please guide me for same

Hi Prajakta,

Please share your Module (OML) so we can take a look.


please check (OML) 


Hi Prajakta,

A few observations:

  1. Your Booking Entity has both RoomId and StatusId as non-mandatory and Delete Rule set to Ignore. Since a booking always must have both a room and a status, you should set them both to "Mandatory". The Delete Rule should be "Protect" so you can't delete rooms that have a booking.
  2. The GetBookingsWithOrWithoutRooms query in the Bookings Preperation is therefore also incorrect, you should use "Only With" for both (and change the query's name).
  3. There's no validation on input at all in the BookingDetail Screen. Validation of the "Book Room" Button is set to (none) and there's no check on valid values in the BookRoom Screen Action. Thus, there can be invalid input entered, like creating a booking without a room!

As for all the Room numbers being 0, did you check what's actually in the database? You can do so by selecting the "View Data" option in the context menu.


You are missing this last assign 

Basically you need to add the RoomId to the booking. 



Also, RoomDet is assigned twice, the first assign is therefore ignored.


In Room Detail Screen i am trying to delete amenities but there is some issue please guide for same.

in booking detail screen while editing existing booking 3 buttons are added check-in,check-out and cancel i have to implement action server to change status, i am not getting exactly what to do can you please guide me to complete this assignment 

please find attached (OML)

Hi Team,

kindly help me for deleting Amenities i am not getting proper server action to create.

Hi Prajakta,

That would actually be a different question, please create a new topic, this one's already marked Solved, thanks.