Can somebody explain the steps I need to take to make a custom stacked bar chart. I have a datapoint list containing three dataseriesName: Series1, Series2, Series3. Now I would like to stack Series2 and Series3 and do nothing with Series1. I already have the following settings:

- SourceDataPointLIst: DatapointList

- StackingType: Entities.StackingType.Stacked

- AdvancedFromat: <how should I fill this one?>

I have no clue how to setup the values for the advanced format. I think I have to use AdvancedFormat_Init(), but I am not sure what to put in between the brackets.

If somebody could explain the steps to take, that would be nice.



Hi Teun van Bree,

I think you are reference something related to broken-axis. Maybe you want to take a look here:



Hi Teun,

On the HighCharts website you can find extra information about this. If you have as you say indeed multiple series of data, the data should automatically be stacked:



Kind regards,



Thanks for the help. I am able to stack the all three series in one bar.

But what I was looking for is to display the first series in one bar and stack series2 and series3 together in a second bar.

LIke this: https://www.highcharts.com/demo/column-stacked-and-grouped

And indeed I think I need to  use HighCharts (but since I am not that experienced - read: my first bar chart) I have no clue how to translate the information I can view at the HighCharts website to my own settings in OutSystems.

I was hoping someone could provide an example or instruction how to do this.