My Service Studio no longer let's me debug. I was able to debug just about 30 minutes ago, but cannot now. When I click the start debugging, the Debug setup appears as if it is started (I see the stop icon). however, in the Debugger tab, the green play button is not visible and if I hover over the debugger tab, it indicates the debugger is stopped. 

When I start my application and go to an action that should trigger the debugger it doesn't.

I had this happen yesterday and was able to get it back working by closing and reopening Service Studio. I've done that multiple times today with no luck.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Service Studio Version: 11.0.506.0


I found the root cause of the issue. I had Fiddler running in the background. As soon as I turned off Fiddler, the debugger started working again. Fiddler must be interfering with the Debugger.