Html to pdf converting issue

Am try to convert my page to pdf thats done. Every page first data was showing inside the header. Any one help to resolve this UI issue

Can you provide more explanation how your application is made so far? E.g. what are the components you are using...?

Am using html to pdf converter. Just table records thats it

Have you tried , in the "other argument" parameter (last one),  set a bigger top margin?

Can you please tell me the syntax ..

Hi Murugan. That looks like some pagination issue.

You may try using my Ultimate PDF component, which simplifies the PDF generation, and does also produce better results with pagination.

Page Break not working in ultimate pdf. Can you please help me to add page Break in my page

If I understand correctly your use case, you don't need to explicitly set page breaks. The page will break when the next table row no longer fits into the page.

Make sure you download the demo application (go to the component's page, then click Download -> Download component + demo), and check how the sample report is implemented.