1- Click Publish hangs 

Has anyone ever had the issue where the 1 - click publish hangs on the generating and compiling optimized ASP.NET C# code and creating SQL Scripts? 

My module was working perfectly fine... I decided to copy\paste a server action and rename it so I can start manipulation of the code. Once I did that and saved the code, I stated to have this problem. I immediately deleted the offending copied ever logic but same issue. I rebooted the server several time, stop\restarted services but same issue. Any thoughts of anything else I could do?

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Have you looked in service center for any detailed logs? If there is a problem, it may not show on the publish - but could be in the service center logs. If not that, it sounds like you have an on-premise installation. I would also check both platform logs and windows logs. If the machine is running out of resources while it’s compiling, that should be indicated.


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Thanks for the advice. Yes, I have personal environment so it looks like there was a backup happening at the same time. I did not receive the email regarding this backup until later. Once backup was complete, everything worked as expected. Thanks!!!