Re-installation of App after plugin change or update

I wanted to know that after using any plugin, when we deploy the version to production, End user would be required to reinstall the app or just update it from play store ? It would not be good to get the app reinstalled by thousands of users just for one change in app.

Is there any alternate to this situation where we can avoid re-installation of app after adding\updating plugin references.

Please let me know if anyone has faced such issue. Thanks.

Hi Vani,

Plugins are for mobile apps some bundles of third party codes, which will be installed on the local storage of the smartphone. To implement these code in the application, you must rebuild an app and place it in the app stores. 

This is not an issue but the way how Outsystems works.

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Complementing Furkan's answer a little bit: whenever there's a requirement for a mobile update (check Mobile Update Scenarios), you are "required" to do two things:

a) include a fallback, since OutSystems does an "hot deployment" of the code to the device but doesn't include the plugin's native code

b) release a new version to the stores, which will update automatically or manually, depending on the user preferences.

I've encountered issues in the past in which the application got to an unusable state, requiring a new installation. Usually it involved changing local storage.


Furkan Çetin Armando Gomes I understand the statement mentioned in article. But my question is when you release new changes - newly generated apk in production environment - for end user, only updating app from play store will be sufficient or each user have to uninstall and reinstall the app ?


Updating the app through play store/App Store is enough, because it will replace the current binary file - which is the reason you need to reinstall in non-released versions.


Ok. great. That's what i wanted to know -

Prod environment - deploy with release mode - End user just need to update app from play\App store( NO RE-INSTALLATION)

Dev environment - usually we deploy with DEBUG mode - hence need re-installation to access the generated code.

Thanks !

Just a remark: it has nothing to do with the deploy mode being release or debug. It's about the process - going through App Store/Play Store - that does the update on the user's device.

If you build using release mode on DEV environment, for instance, you would still have to re-install the application.