Hi everyone:

Context: Outsystems web-responsive.

I have a "modal" that has a vertical scroll, on the desktop it works fine, but when I see it on a cell phone or tablet, the modal does not go down, the background of the page moves down as if the modal didn't exist, why happen this?.


I have the same problem :(

me too, someone know about this problem?


Hi Christofer,

I don't think I can help you there, but if you can provide a bit more information that may help guide the investigation from those who can. What platform version are you working on (OutSystems 10, 11, ...)? and what UI framework you are using (SilkUI or OutSystems UI)?


Hey Christofer et al.,

Can you share a minimum working sample of your issue so we can take a look?


You can make the body element to overflow hidden and position fixed will work I think.

Hi everyone

the picture - gift of problem:

We need block the background page,  and only move the modal, we probe with "overflow-y:hidden;" but only work on android, in iphone not work.

We work in outsystems 10..


Hello, the big problem is with MAC, iPhone, iPad, safari, etc, including Chrome on your devices, we found an example that worked in pure html, but we still can not adapt it to OutSystems: /


Hello again!

I found an error in PopUp, the scroll disappears and you can not move the form of a PopUp on Ipad and Iphone, if you can do it in Windows and Android.

You can help us with this!