Terminate the TaskBox item without pressing the "Done" button

By default, when a human activity is executed, there is a notification showing in screen as below:

After pressing the "1", there is a pop-up:

And then pressing the "Human Activity 1", it shows: Only when pressing the "Done!", the notification disappear. But it is not user friendly at all (in my opinion..)

Now comes the problem: Is it possible that simplify the procedure by clicking some button in the web screen. I've tried the "close on"  but it still does not work that way.

Any help? Thanks!  

Hi Po Yuan Lo,

This question has been asked (and answered) before on this forum, please search before posting?

From the way you tried to solve your issue, I would guess you haven't followed this training? I'd strongly advise you to go through the videos and exercises there, as they will be essential on your way to learn BPT.

For further reference, please see the relevant documentation page.