Why should we still make OutSystems Web applications


A lot of applications need to be developed for both Phone, Tablet and Desktop. The mobile version of OutSystems offers more features than the web version (off line data storage, better event mechanism (until 10), better programming model,  access to device features etc. etc.. Besides it would be handy to have one way of developing where we use and re-use one set of UI (standard and home made) components.
So why don't we only develop mobile applications. For desktops this mobile application can also be used, just as we do in the previewer.

Any con's? Any additional pro's?

Best regards,

Matthieu de Graaf

Hi Matthieu,

That is a very good question and we would love to hear answers to it. 

At OutSystems we are currently exploring the next generation of web apps. Those should bring most of the functionalities that exist in mobile to allow creating better web apps and facilitate sharing between devices. 

In the meantime, answers to your question can help us validate and refine our roadmap.

"What are the cons and pros of using mobile to create web apps?"

We're listening.


Tiago Simões


You can use mobile app to build an offline web app. It is not supported by OutSystems, and you need to do some CSS.changes to allow mobile to handle browser resize events. Also online / off line detection you have to replace by  HTML5 online / offline browser detection.. You cannot use mobile plugins either. We have done a big project like this.

The use case for our project was that it needed to run on laptop, Apple iPad or Android tablet was no option for the customer.

Given the experience we had with the project, I can say it can be done. But I would advice that if possible build the mobile app for a tablet. As you will have OutSystems support and use OutSystems mobile out of the box for which it was designed. 

If you want to know more about the project we have done, send me a message to setup a call.



Hi Daniel,

As you state the mobile platform has more options than the web platform. I suggested that if we want an application with web features for the desktop we should create a mobile application. It's clear however that if you want to enrich your web application with mobile like features you have make some extra effort (based on HTML5 etc.) but if you restrict yourself to not using off-line and access to the device you can develop a web application as a mobile application without any extra effort. It could be even faster because the mobile programming model offers more features than the web one (nor more refresh of UI components, screen actions can call screen actions etc.)

For OutSystems too, it would be quite handy to have only one technology stack they have to address although they'll have to offer a migration path/support strategy for existing web applications

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