Images inside a carousel inside a web block not loading in Service Studio

Hi all

(Responsive Web Query)

I have a strange issue in my personal environment on a practice project. 

I added a carousel to one of my web blocks and when I use the web block and load it online everything works hundreds. :) 

But during dev, the images don't load in Service Studio. 

I just get a a blank space that appears. So the images are there but I can't see them. I just see an empty space.

But on the website when loading it. it works fine.

Also if I use a webscreen and use the carousel not through the use of a web block then the images load. As soon as I use it in the web block it doesn't work.

Anyone know why this is happening?

Hi Garth,

I'd say that depends on what's inside the Web Block. For example, if there's an If in the Web Block's Screen where the image doesn't appear in the first branch, you don't see it.