Unable to set J2EE/.NET settings on my outsystem integration studio


I am new to this outsystem studio. I want to write services on integration studio in Java. When i want to set the options. When i open options i could see only .NET, How can i reset this platforms on integration studio. Attached the screen shot for reference. I am using free account in outsystem

Hi laxmiprasanna b,

OutSystems 11 will not support Java, looks like OutSystems stopped supporting Java from OutSystems 11.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Sravan for reply to my post. Yes, I am using outsystem 11 only. What version i should use to work on Java.

Can you confirm once?

OutSystems 10 works with Java, I suggest you to do in.net if your really want build career in OuSystems because even if you learn with java it will not make sense going forward. in case you just want try with java no issues.