Filtering which aggregate is used depending on selection in earlier drop down

I am trying to filter the contents of a drop down in a form depending on a selection made in an earlier filter. 

In short i choose a location and if the option (listed below) is chosen i want the next drop down to be powered by aggregate 1. If any other location is chosen i want it to be powered by aggregate 2.

If(HearingRecordForm.Record.CourtLocation.Court= "NON-COURT APPT", 

As it currently stands i cannot get the second dropdown to change if the location is altered, it always sticks to aggregate 1.

I have an ajax refresh in the destination of the Location field that specifically targets the field in the form which is what the aggregates power.

I may just be going about this the long difficult way, but could anyone assist in helping me get this sorted please.

Might want to share an OML that demonstrates what you have currently, or at least a screenshot of the flow you currently have.

Also, what version of the platform and Service Studio you're using is always helpful when answering questions.


Try to do this, in the onChange method of the dropdown create a server action where you can evaluate the selection and take the list that you want depending of the selection.