Save and Display external image using external database


I am trying to save and display external user photo in external database(For ex. SQL 2017). 

Please anyone suggest me 

Site Property : Imagepath Text =  "/ProjectName/img/profileimage/imagename.jpg" 

Database Entity: User




Now I want that Once my Screen of User is loaded then  I wanted to upload Image;

Image should be stored within "/ProjectName/img/profileimage/"  & Image name would be stored at Database Entity - User -> profile_Image_Name.

so during retrieval of Image it will use Site property for Profile Image path & Database Entity "User" to fetch the image 

Here we have tried with storing image at "Resources" but we are not able to do it

How can i do it ? or if any alternate available to do the same 

Thank You! 

Hi Chirag,

I have difficulty understanding your question, it's a bit incoherent. So let me ask a few questions:

  • Do you want to store the image binaries (e.g. JPG files) in the database, or somewhere else (e.g. the file system)?
  • What link is there between the "User" Entity and the image? A maximum of one image per User record?
  • Should the images be configurable? Or do you want to add them once during development?
  • What did you try to do with the Resources, and what aren't you "able to do"?

It seems that he's trying to store the binaries on the filesystem, in a specific folder, and then just store on the DB the filename. Given that the folder is defined by a site property (which has a filename on the end of it, and don't understand why), he just needs to append the filename to that folder (site property) and render the image.

The resources part I also doesn't understand since you can't use dynamic resources on OutSystems.

So, flow: upload the binary, store the binary on filesystem, get the filename, store the filename on DB. That's it.

Yeah, but for all we know they have multiple front-end servers, and this fails. Storing images that need to last on the front-end's file server is recipe for disaster, imho.