[Firebase Mobile] Notification Large Icon

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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa
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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa

Is it possible to add Large Icon in the notification?

Hey Philip,

In order to have notification icons make sure you follow OutSystems guidelines regarding app icons available here.

Best regards,


Hi David,

I have added all the Android icons like the following:

    "icons": {
        "android": [{
            "resource": "/icons/android/appicon-android-ldpi.png",
            "density": "ldpi"
            "resource": "/icons/android/appicon-android-mdpi.png",
            "density": "mdpi"
            "resource": "/icons/android/appicon-android-hdpi.png",
            "density": "hdpi"
            "resource": "/icons/android/appicon-android-xhdpi.png",
            "density": "xhdpi"
            "resource": "/icons/android/appicon-android-xxhdpi.png",
            "density": "xxhdpi"
            "resource": "/icons/android/appicon-android-xxxhdpi.png",
            "density": "xxxhdpi"

It still doesn't present the Push Notification icon with the app icon. It's still showing an empty icon.

Any idea of what i am doing wrong?