[Richwidgets] Richwidgets crashing

Hello everyone,

I'm having quite an annoying issue here.

Today when trying to test some functionality i noticed that my popups wern't opening.

In the console i find the following errors.

The popup opens in a full screen window and when i press a button that does a "popup-close" i get the following error.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Hi Didier Leroy,

The same is happening on my side (personal area):

(Edited to include the reason and solution)

This is caused: because of having a link and no popup window widget associated. 

The solution is:

  1. Add the widget to reference the link (of the popup)
  2. Check if widget has link ID 

  3. In the popup close you need to call popup editor close:

Hope this feedback helps.


It was fixed by downloading the version on test that was working and redeploying it.

I redid the changes that were on dev prior and everything seems to work now thanks for the help