I am using London and want to use Modal.  I have read the below but have not been able to make it work.  Does anyone have an example of how they made it work?  What do I use with the GetCssGlobalContext() - the one link has a ' + "THEME" '   Do I need to add a theme other than London?  I have posted as well in Post176571, but I need an answer quickly to finish development for a demo with management.



Thank you


Hello Lisa, 

The Modal pattern is a SilkUI / Outsystems-ui pattern. It will require not only special Javascript in the layout of the page, but also the styles defined in a SilkUI theme. 

Só you would be required to, basically, starts to use a SilkUI theme instead of the London theme, as I don't think you would be able to easily use both together. 

Probably you would be better using a Pop-up. 

If you really wants a modal, you may try to clone the SilkUI Web patterns module and check what styles and Javascript you need and try to mimic one. 

You can also create a Web block with a placeholder (for the content), and apply a mask that is fixed behind the placeholder. The challenge will be the size of it, that you can make fixed, defined through input parameters or try to figure out using Javascript. 

If you are in a hurry, I would use the pop-up, or the Web lock approach with size defined though input parameters.