I am trying to install Directory from Forge into my environments, currently I am unable to do because of the Intellectual Property. I tried to unprotect the module by exporting it from my personal environment, but it gives the following:

The IP rights of your applications could not be granted!


The Intellectual Property rights of the application(s) you requested could not be granted due to a rule that prevents uploading solutions from a Personal to an Enterprise environment.

For more information reach out to the OutSystems technical support - The IP rights of your applications could not be granted.

Best regards,

Please advise.


Hi Eman, 

It is not possible to transfer an application from personal environment to any other environment. 

If you are using the Directory application from Forge, just install it direct from Forge in the destination environment. 



Thank you for your reply.

I am trying to use the directory since it fits the requirements, but I have noticed that the following is mentioned:


Can I use this Forge application for production or not?


You can. 

But Personal Environments are not Production Environments. Any application on a Personal Environment will have this on the pages URL. 

On Production Environments (Enterprise, paid) thus message will not appear.