From nowhere, my application is flooded with this error "Cannot set property 'elementsToValidate' of null"

Does anyone knows what it causes it?


Hi Miguel,

You don't have an element with the an id.That's why the error occurs most: likely.

Go to your browser devvtools and inspect the console for errors. There should be a more detailed error description with even a reference to the JavaScript file in which the error occured. The error details and callstack can pointt you to where to fix the error.



Hi Daniel,

I've noticed that is related with "Tooltip" widget. Took it off and the problem disappeared. Do you think I should add an id everywhere? :/ That's weird! It's also bad that this error gets a feedback message. It's bad for the user. 

Normally on the tooltip widget you have to reference another iwidget or container Id.

The container or widget need to exist, do you have it in and if block and the tooltip not?



What normaly happen in some cases is that you are not loading the id that the tooltip is using ( because of a if statement). Try to put both inside the if statement that way both will load same time.