Outsystem to Sales force connector set default decimal value as "NULL" instead of "0"

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i have scenario: Set the default value as "Null/empty" instead of "0" while set the attribute data type as "Decimal" since i am passing the input parameter from out system to Sales force system using sales force connector. 

Always default value(Zero) passing if no data not set in outsystem is there any other way set the default value as NULL

i can not change the data type as String in out system DB since Sales force same field data type as "Decimal" so finally i have to cast from string to decimal so it may have some problem..so is there way to over come default value ZERO issue

Note: i am consuming data and table from Sales force accordingly create the same DB in outsystem

Hi Ganeshkumar,

It's not directly possible to use "null" instead of a numeric value, as the Platform doesn't support null values (neither in the database nor using REST). The only solution I could see is to use an On Before Request handler to parse the JSON and replace any 0.0 decimal value by "null".