How can I test Rest API Expose in my personal environment by using PostMan?

Hi all! 

I want to use Postman to test API Expose but instead of return expected output, It returns this: "REST API Documentation Outsystems Built with OutSystems" Beside using postman, are there any way to test rest api expose in OutSystem? 

Thank you, Huy,


Hi Huy, 

You are probably passing the documentation end point. 

To test it you should pass a method endpoint, with the required parameters, authentication if required, etc. 

You have the method endpoint information on the method itself (relative to your app). 

Another way of testing is to consume your own we service in another app in your personal environment, and test the methods as if you was creating an app to consume it. 

Hope this helps. 



Hi Eduardo Jauch,

I have already passed a method endpoint and It worked.