Community Profile - Update Company Information


I'm updating my profile and curriculum experience. I've may noticed a bug, and I need some feedback if this is happening to others also.

1) In our profile, when adding a company, a duplicated company name appears:

2) And when I save and view the record, some companies logo's do not appear (even if the company public profile has a logo):

Anyone also faces this issue?


I would say that someone created a new with the same name instead of selecting the existing one.

Thanks Nuno, maybe a check for duplicate records is also good idea on the system backend.  

It seems this list source comes from a different dataset, than the dataset of customers and partners of OutSystems. Therefore I've created a support case for this issue, and to help the support team understand the situation better would be nice to collect feedback of other members. Cheers!

It happen also with me, in the past. I think the problem is duplicated records.