Webapplication Session timeout using IDP configuration


We are using the IDP connector to authenticate our users.We are having problem with session timeout, after certain amount of inactivity to our application, user having session timeout issue for every 20 mins 

We are looking for a way to control web application session timeout. I contacted outsystems about this issue, they provided extensions Random integer and Session timeout. Steps i followed:

Step 1:

By using extensions,  I implemented  session timeout action to control the application for certain time. It didn't worked out by using IDP configuration.

By disabling IDP configuration, I tried using Random integer and Session timeout extensions then it worked.

Step 2: 

 I tried browser session component, to control time of application, It didn't worked out by using IDP configuration.

By disabling IDP configuration,tried browser session component, to control time of application then it worked.

Step 3: Factory configuration component also used, but no luck. Its not working for our criteria.

Could anyone help me on this by using IDP configuration, How to handle session timeout in web application.



You should consider posting this question to the IdP component support forum:


Posting there will notify the team regarding your issue, which brings it to the attention of those best able to help you resolve your issue.

Yes, I tried posting in IDP component forum. But I don't access to post there.

Getting error like this: 

You don´t have permissions to Create/Edit in this forum.

Can you please open a support ticket with details on the permissions issue? You should not have any trouble posting to the IdP discussion forum, or any other Forge component support forum. These should all be open to any logged-in user.