Is it possible to have two (or more) screen actions running simultaneously? I have a page that has an action the user can run that needs to run several different processes, One that will complete quickly and one that takes 3 seconds.

What I would like to do is load the content quickly and show it to the user, while the rest of the action finishes and eventually refreshes the other relevant parts of the page.

The problem with this, is though having an earlier Ajax refresh does work, the page is then unresponsive until the rest of the action is run. Any other actions triggered will resolve AFTER.

For a visual example of this (and my own testing) I put this together

The first button will change the color after 3 seconds

The second button immediately changes the color.

The third button changes the second color immediately, and then three seconds later changes the first.

The problem here is that while the three second actions are running any other button clicks are still registered, but they do not run until the first action is completed.

Any way around this? Some tricks and tips? I'm thinking i'm going to end up needing to use more JavaScript here. 



Mobile or Web ?

Alberto Ferreira wrote:

Mobile or Web ?


can't you do that with services? or if you are using outsystems <11 usign webservice? just so the process is asynchrone?

 i don't know how will you refresh after, since the screen action would have refresh before the 3s webservice/service action ended.

Maybe this is not possible for this case.