Automated Function Point Analysis


Does the current version of OutSystems have the capability of Automated Function Point Analysis described in the following document?


I want to know how to use the capability.

Best regards,
Moriya Takasi

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I was unable to find any current information about this (the doc you link to is nearly 10 years old), so I think it's likely that this capability was discontinued.

What is the end-goal you have in mind for the analysis? Perhaps there is another approach that would get you what you're looking for.

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Hello Andrew,

Thank you for responding.

My main purposes are the following.

  1. To compare productivity between OutSystems and other developing methods.
  2. To compare productivity between our development teams.

And we want a way to obtain an objective index of productivity with low-cost.
I tried to evaluate FP of our OutSystems project manually but it was very hard and it didn't have an objectivity.

Do you have any advice?

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hi Takasi

Did you find any solution to the problem?

Do you have any advice?

Best regards,

Marcos Francisco, from Brazil

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No. I have no solution for the problem unfortunately.

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Hello Moriya-san,

The automated function point you were asking about had been discontinued a long time ago. However, there are OutSystems partners who have analyzers that can plug into OutSystems and automatically calculate not just the function points but other metrics as per customer preference. One of these partners is Boncode. They have a tool called "BonCat" that does exactly what you're looking for. You can visit their website as follows:


If you are looking at comparing apples to apples, Function Point is the best metric. Using AO or Lines of Codes as comparison metric is not going to work for your purpose. AO exists only within OutSystems world, so if you try to compare AOs with others, you will have extreme difficulty connecting the dots. 

Counting the actual Function Point is a very difficult task because it requires manual labor and you can make mistakes. Automating them is actually the way to go. 

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Thank you for the information.