Hi Team,

In my application, a task is assigned to User1. Now this User1 has left the organization, as he cannot act on this task, I want to assign it to User2. How can I do that?
I can see the Task table has the taskid, AssignTo mapped. 

Now I want to change the User Id mapped to that task. Can some one help me , how can I update the task table with new AssignTo(user). From the Data tab, I can only view the data but cannot update the data.



Hello Sai,

Assuming you are talking about human activities. There is a BPT API. With that API there is the action: HumanActivity_AssignToUser. 


You will get something like this: 

You can also use the ActivityReset action (this is a system function) This releases the Human Activity leaving it to be opened and carried out by another end-user.