Free Edition Project - limitations


I have a small project that implies an Android app (or IOS), 10 users, registering data offline, sync with the on-premises database (MS SQL server - importing data to customize the quantities of the items requested on each day and exporting those quantities).

With the free edition can I have:

1. An offline app?

2. Online sync directly with the on-premise database using a VPN connection established on the APP or outside da APP? (or any other secured alternatives in order to avoid exposing the data and the database login to the internet? - maybe using a session border controller)

Hi Manuel,

There is no "free edition", it's called the Personal Environment (PE for short). As for your questions:

  1. Yes, a Mobile App is a Mobile App, there's no limitations on the offline feature.
  2. No, you cannot have a VPN connection from a PE.

Hi Kilian,


1. Is it possible to sync with the on-premises database?

2. How the sync works - does the information passes by your platform and therefore can I somehow limit the access to our database based on your IP?

3. Do you see any other way of guaranty database security? 

By the way, I used the nomenclature available on your web page regarding Platform Pricing and Editions.


Hello Manuel Mira,

1. You can add a connection to an external database, but if that database is on-premise then it would have to be publicly accessible

2. OutSystems does not "sync" between your database and their database unless you build that capability in.  If you were to build some web services to push data to, you could certainly add a restriction by IP in your code

3. The database that is internal to the OutSystems personal environment is secure.  If you want to expose your own database, there are many other considerations that need to be taken into account.

I do want to point out that it really seems that the personal environment is not what you really need.  As Kilian mentioned, it isn't a "free edition," it is a "personal edition."  I would suggest reaching out to sales to see what options would be best for your application so that you can setup a secure VPN, have a stable production environment to run in, etc.