Disable third-party keyboard in mobile app


Does anyone know a way how to prevent that a third-party keyboard (e.g. Bitmoji) is shown on an inputfield in a mobile app? I am looking for a solution that works for iOS and Android.

I have 2 reasons why I need this.

1. When a user of my app has such keyboards installed on the device, this keyboard sometimes comes up in numeric fields and blocks the user because switching back to the normal numeric keyboard does not always work in these cases.

2. I want to implement a pin field in my app for login purpose. Therefore I need to be sure that the user does not get a third-party keyboard when entering the pin, because this is not safe.

Hope anyone has a solution.

Regards, Robert

Hi Robert,

On Android, afaik all keyboards are "third party", even if the default one is from Google itself. There's just a number of keyboards installed, and at any time the user can switch between this keyboards at will. There's no "safe standard one". On iOS I'm not sure.