Hello. I got the following problem: I log in to my application, then I open a popup. Then I wait to the session to be terminated (after 20min), after that I click in an action inside the popup. What happens is that the login page will be showing inside the pop-up. How can I avoid this?


the only way I can think to handle that would be to modify the security exception handling and redirect to a new external url with target -blank so it opens in a new wndow

I am sure Stacey is correct - this also seems like a user experience edge case, if I may offer that. Does this happen often in your app?


Hi all, 

not sure if you been able to fix the issue, but I ran into this same issue and I think I found a better way to solve it.

Basically the login page should have the widget RemovePopups from the richwidgets. This WB as a piece of JS code that will close the popup and refresh the parent page with the link.