How to export, generate SQL script "Create table..." from exist entity?

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As mention above, is there anyway in outsystem allow us to export, generate SQL script like "Create table..."  from entity(with or without data record)?. I can do this easily in heidisql tool.

I want to generate script "Create table" from exist entity to clone this entity in another external database without manual re-write script SQL.

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Hi Huy,

Which platform type are you using? On-Premise or Cloud?
If you're using On-Premise you can generate from the database directly. For the cloud, I think you need to ask to OutSystems support.

Also, does the external database also using an OutSystems platform? because you can publish your Espace in the new database environment. OutSystems can create database tables automatically.

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If the question is: "Can I get a SQL Script of a given set of objects using OutSystems only?" the answer is no.

The platform does that - it's one of the steps in the 1-click publishing function. This, of course, is part of their intelectual property and it's up for them to release it or not.

So, yes: depending on what is your goal - if it is anything beyond just getting the script -, Ferhat may have already suggested a few good tips.



Hi Ferhat Karatay, Armando Gomes

Thank for your reply!