Compilation Error after upgrade to OS 11


We've upgrade to OS 11 and most of our Apps have been recompiled.

Only one app gives the the following compilation error in servicer studio:

Internal Error
Compilation Error.
referencesProxy\eSpace_Events_proxy.cs(62,11): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'ssEvents' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
protected ssEvents.Flows.FlowDeprecated_Events.WBlkEventHandler block;

State: Build References Proxy

What can be causing this?

Hi Johan,

The error message doesn't look very useful to understand for me.
Just an idea;

- Have you ever try to re-publish on service center? - You may see more details about the error.
- Did you refresh the dependencies of the application before publishing?
- If it's possible could you check & share logs on the service center?

With best regards,

Hi, K

All dependencies have been refreshed.

Below is a image of the publish from service center and the error that is logged.



Hi Johan,

Have you created any extension in Integration Studio? If so try opening it up, and publishing it again, the error might be coming from an extension (at least that looks like an extension error to me).

Best Regards,
Jose Torrao


Hi Johan,

You have 2 outdated producers. Could you fix their outdated status and try re-publish again?

Hope it helps.

With best regards,


Thank you K

That seems to have done the trick - after the the 3rd re-publish!