I am trying to listen for the event on the "Section Expandable" object so that an AJAX call back could be made to perform some operations at server level.  What would best path to achieve this functionality be?  It doesn't not appear to have an event on that object natively triggered when its expanded or collapsed.



Hi Jason,

I almost need the same feature on section expandable in one of my project.
I design an application on forge maybe it can help you.


Basically, I'm saving the latest status to the database for each user. When a user access to the page again I display it collapsed or extended. I think you can manipulate it and run an action.

Hope it helps.

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Hello Jason,

Perhaps a widget click can solve your case. A hidden button on the screen pointing to a screen action with the desired logic to use server side. When catching the event expand/collapse, call a JS function that clicks the hidden button id.

Let us know if that can do.
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