Push notifications not working at IOS

I'm developing a website and an app.

At the website i have developed a functionality to send notifications to the app.

The only problem is that when I send notifications to users that have Android the push notification work perfectly, but the IOS users don't receive them.

Any ideia?

Thank you.

Can you post a sample? Without that or error messages, you really haven’t given enough information to help troubleshooting.



At the app login I added the RegisterWithUser.

 And when i send a notification to the mobile devices through the web application I use this action:

But all Android devices receive their push notifications and Iphones don't.

Any theories?

Thank you.

Does your iOS Certificate have push notifications enabled? Does OneSignal require that you upload an iOS certificate to their site to enable notifications from their side ( I know that PushWoosh requires somethinglike that)