Hello all,

I would like to align an image and title both vertically (middle) and horizontally (centre) on the page followed by a paragraph of text, then repeat and separate with a line.  Easy I thought, but I am really struggling to find a way to do such a simple thing !  Either I can centre vertically using the align centre widget, or I can centre horizontally using the format entering, but I can't get them both to work at the same time.

Cheers, Richard


could you share a sketch ? 



Something like this? 

I did this with some containers and the align center block. See screenshots and attached sample.

Thinking about this a few minutes longer but why not use the sectioned card? This has almost all your requested features available.

Demo here: https://vkoning.outsystemscloud.com/CenterTest/CardDemo.aspx?(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=

I also added the oap


This is what I was trying to achieve and it looks like I did ! :-)  Each of the contains basically has horizontal centering enabled and what I found was that when the 'Image Title' container was smaller that the 'Image' container it automatically centered vertically.  I also set the width and heights of the 'Image' and 'Image Title' containers to Auto and placed them inside a container that had horizontal centering enabled.

Cheers, Richard.