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Published on 2 Jun (2 days ago) by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2 Jun (2 days ago) by Guilherme Pereira

Good day!

We recently installed the new version of this component in our on-premise server.

We are using .Net stack.

I was wondering if this option was removed from the latest version for Outsystems 11?

We are using multiple front-end server.

This is by the way on our development environment.

Hoping for your advice on this.

Thank you and regards,


Hi Chris,

That feature was removed in version 1.1.9 released on November 2017. 

Due to changes related with compliance with our cloud security guidelines the binaries are no longer stored in just on place and copied in the timer. At every generation the component checks if they are present and if not automatically extracts them from the DB places them in the filesystem. This makes that configuration not needed anymore.

After that version you now need to specify the binaries folder on the configuration page.

Hope this clarifies the question for you