[Data Grid] How to set localization data to Data Grid's UI

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Published on 29 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 29 Mar by OutSystems R&D


Is there a way to add a localization data to Data Grid?

Current Data Grid's filter UI.

Same part from Wijmo's Japanese demo site. (I want)

Moriya Takasi


Hi Takasi,

Essentially, you have to load a JS file with the specific culture that you want into the pages where you use the extension:

And this will override your Wijmo language:

If your culture isn't included in the Outsystems distribution, you can get it from the Wijmo website. There's documentation on the whole process here:



Hello Afonso,

Thank you for answering.
I have gotten Japanese UI.

The procedure I did:

  1. Downloaded and picked-up wijmo.culture.ja.js file via npm command. I couldn't find this file in OutSystems' distribution.
  2. Added the wijmo.culture.ja.js to Resource section of my module. And set Deploy Action property to Deploy to Target Directory.
  3. Added the dependency to HTTPRequestHandler > AddJavaScriptTag.
  4. Finally, added AddJavaScriptTag with following paremeter to Preparation action of my screen which has Grid Container widget.
    GetOwnerURLPath() + "wijmo.culture.ja.js"

Thank you very much.